Your OTC Benefits Partner

Providing dedicated support of the OTC Benefit to your members.

Unique Buying Channels

Mobile retail vehicle Stores, Member Call in Center and eCommerce Portal.

Strategic Partnerships

With Healthcare Providers ranging from Healthplans to Senior Living Centers.

Community Presence

Our core offering of direct interaction one on one with your members.

About Us

With dedicated and specific focus on eligible members of the OTC Benefit, we provide partnership, engagement, retention and growth assistance, all while being directly engaged with members as they look to make decisions on the products they purchase and how to best use their OTC Benefit.  We are a local company with a local footprint and operate as part of the community and have established a anticipated presence with our customers and your membership. 

Our Mobile Retail Stores Put Us Directly Within Your Member Communities

Our mobile stores are offer members direct support of their benefits and are not a subset of a larger customer base.

Direct interaction with members in their communities as live their daily lives provides unique opportunity for retention and member ship growth.

Member have a positive shopping experience with no confusion our lack of support from brick and mortar stores – better access obtaining the items they need most.

OTC Benefit Administration

Managing the OTC Benefit can be burdensome, driving resources, staff, and funding away from strategic focus and core compentencies.

A compliant, custom and specific OTC Benefit Program, developed in partnership from conception to implementation allows healthcare providers to focus on what they do best and puts the OTC Benefit and member satisfaction into our focused hands.

What You Can Expect
For Your Members

Dedicated Support

Multiple Buying Channels

Custom Catalog

Free Home Delivery

Compliant Products

Guided Buying

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