About Us

Who We Are

Metro OTC launched in 2020 to provide more access to the OTC Benefit for members looking to be proactive in their own healthcare. We are both a retail and services company. We are a provider of OTC, Food, and Health & Beauty products while also offering administrative services in managing supplemental benefits.

Our mission is to support those who need additional aid in acquiring the products needed to live healthy lives.  We do this via our fleet of mobile retail vehicle stores, our member services call center,  and ecommerce portal.   With particular focus on meeting our members where they are, being active in their communities, and creating a presence they rely on, we stress face to face relationship building and support, creating a unique synergy between ourselves and the members we serve.  

Developed specifically with no exclusive affiliation to any one healthcare provider we also offer unique marketing and branding positioning creating a rare opportunity for retention and membership growth for those with whom we partner.