About Us

Who We Are

Metro OTC was launched in 2020 to provide increased access to the OTC Benefit for members seeking to take a proactive role in their healthcare. Our company operates as both a retail and services provider. We offer a range of products including OTC, food, health, and beauty items, while also delivering administrative services for managing supplemental benefits.

Our mission centers around supporting individuals in acquiring the necessary products to lead healthy lives. This is facilitated through our fleet of mobile retail vehicle stores, our member services call center, and our e-commerce portal. Our emphasis is on engaging with our members in their preferred environments, actively participating in their communities, and establishing a reliable presence that they can depend on. We place significant importance on building face-to-face relationships and providing support, fostering a unique synergy between us and the members we serve.

Notably, our services are designed without any exclusive affiliation to a particular healthcare provider. This approach allows us to offer distinct marketing and branding opportunities, which in turn creates a valuable chance for retention and membership growth in partnership with those who collaborate with us.